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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Latest Whatsapp Cool, Attitude and Funny Images 2017

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Hey guys welcome to our SMS and funny jokes blog and today i am going to share with you guys latest WhatsApp cool status, images and Attitude images which you can set as your WhatsApp profile picture and WhatsApp display picture to attract your female and male friends to have a good bonding and relationship with them.

WhatsApp status are the best way to share the feelings of your mind to your friends and relatives including your brother, sister, cousin brother, cousin sister best friends, Girlfriend and lot of other good friends and many other people you care about. Once you are on the way to understand that you are having good relationship with your school friends, college mates, tuition friends and you send them good messages like good morning, good night, good evening, happy Diwali, happy Dussehra, Happy Holi, Merry Christmas and wish them most enjoyable festivals and events in day to day life in India or outside India like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan. Afghanistan and so many other places.

Latest Whatsapp Cool, Attitude and Funny Photos 2017

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Hindi attitude whatsapp status 2017

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Hindi attitude status dp 2017

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Cool and Attitude status for Whatsapp 2017

If you are a girl who mostly like to show your attitude and coolness to your friends and best friend that how much you are cool and An intelligent person which they should be respect to.

You want appraisal from people that you are the guy/girl who cares about them. It can include cute girls, beautiful Female friends and handsome male friends. Nice WhatsApp status can be used in for your PC, mobile, laptop, iPhone, Samsung phone, xiaomi redmi Note 3 phone, Lenovo phone, root phone, without root phone and from many other devices.

Funny Whatsapp images in Hindi, tamil, marathi, english

Friendship has no language at all because, India is multi language country and we have all kinds of people in our country who speak different kinds of languages including Marathi Punjabi, Telugu, Gujarati, Haryanvi and many More.

We also have all kind of friends from India because of Facebook and WhatsApp, we used to interact with many kind of people from all over the country and even outside the country so the English language has also a great way to communicate with others.

If you are the person who love to share the emotional and sad kind of images to express your emotions, sadness and many kind of other emotions to Express with your friends and other contacts, then here you find all the awesome stuff which you were always looking for.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Happy Teachers Day Quotes, Images and Wishes 2016

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Teachers day quotes, teachers day speech, academics day wishes, academics day communications, academics day essay, academics day poems, academics day songs, academics day speech in hindi, happy academics day wishes, happy academics day message, happy teachers day quotes, happy academics day poems, academics day communications, academics day quotes, happy academics day quotes in english, happy teachers day song. The Teacher's Day is observed to honor likely the most respected professions of teaching and recognize teachers all around the world. A tutor plays a huge role in everybody's life. On the eve of Teacher's day, the world observes by sharing Teacher's Day quotes, Teacher's Day Wishes, Teacher's Day Backgrounds and Teacher's Day Stories and show their regard towards their teachers and this profession.

A Teacher has two jobs fill young minds with knowledge, yes. Students Teacher relationships is important, and has positive long lasting implications on academic & social development of a child. Quotes for a tutor! Share your knowledge. The world is university and everybody in it's a teacher. Make certain whenever you awaken in the morning you go to school. The One Exclusive knowledge is the power of training. Comprehension your family members expression of love, made looking after them easier. Your tutor can open the door, but you should enter by yourself. A teacher presents the past, reveals the present,& creates the future.

Are you looking Happy Teachers Day Wishes? Yes, then you're at right post.

Happy Teachers day 2016 Wishes Wallpapers and Quotes

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An Excellent tutor is somebody who can study on their pupil, who can learn with them, and learns for them. If you are happy with who you are, it is time to thank your academics, Today it is the specific day to say it loud. A tutor can never retire. A tutor takes a hand, opens a brain, and touches a heart. Teaching is the only profession that creates all others professions. Life and time are the worlds two instructors. The wonderful thing about learning is that no one may take it away from you. Ideas for teachers day: A tutor changes eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.

The day is recognized with lots of enthusiasm, love and affection. Pupils show regard to their academics by providing them flowers, greetings, presents, etc. In return, academics share some of the unforgettable moments of their career with the pupils. On the eve of Teacher's Day they tell the pupils about the importance of instruction and inspire them to pursue this career. Each country has their very own date on which the Teacher's day is observed. The World Teacher's Day is observed annually on October 5. Following are the counties that observe the Teacher's Day on day apart from October 5.

India observes the Teacher's Day annually on Sept 5 on the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was best and most important 20th century student, the first Vice President and the second President of the Independent India. Sir Radhakrishnan was awarded many awards during his lifetime including the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honor in India and the honorary member of the British Royal Order of Merit. He believed that Teachers must be the best minds in the country, and since 1962 his birthday on September 5 is recognized as Teacher's Day. Argentina remembers Teacher's Day each year on Sept 11, the death anniversary of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento to honor the memory and work performed by him.

Domingo was a writer, statesman, naturalist and the 7th President of Argentina. He established 800 schools and military institutions and his improvements to the academic system enabled 100, 000 kids to attend school. No particular cause continues to be available why the country is celebrating the decided day. Many people have proposed to change it to Sept 28 which is said to be Confucius's birthday.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Best Whatsapp Status in Hindi to Express Love, Attitude, Emotional and Sad feelings

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Hey friends, if you are finding a great website to get all the WhatsApp status in Hindi, then you are on the right place my friend because I am going to share some of the best WhatsApp love SMS in Hindi, sad status funny jokes, attitude status, sad poems and so many WhatsApp stuff. many people are searching for cool WhatsApp status, nice SMS. awesome DP, Hindi jokes heart touching status romantic gaane. romantic dialogues, boyfriend girlfriend awesome status type of things.

List of Amazing Whatsapp Status in Hindi

"Aise mat dekh pagli, pyaar ho jaayega."

"Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, naamunki hain."

"Status ki koi jarurat nahi, ye already itna high hain."

तुम्हारे हँसने की वजह बनना चाहता हूँ , बस इतना हैं तुमसे कहना………।

ज़िन्दगी प्यारी और बहुत प्यारी है पर सिर्फ तब तक जब तक मैं तेरा और तूँ सिर्फ मेरी है।

Agaj us k hath me hai agaj kar k dekh  bhige hue pairo se parwaj kar k dekh.

क्या ऐसा नहीं हो सकता हम प्यार मांगे… और तुम गले लगा के कहो, “और कुछ?”

Jitna tera dimag chalta h , utna to mera kharab hota hai.

कहतें हैं कि मोहबत एक बार होती है..पर मैं जब जब उसे देखता हूँ..मुझे हर बार होती है॥

Jo ho gya use socha nahi karte jo mil gya use khoya nahi karte...Hashil unhe hoti hai saflta jo waqt or halat par roya nahi krte.

हर स्त्री, पुरुष के साथ बराबरी चाहती है, मगर इस शर्त के साथ कि चूहे, छिपकली और कॉकरोच के साथ पुरुष अकेले ही निपटेगा !

Us pgli ko kya pta jis mandir me vo meri maut ki duaa karti mandir me jaan girvi rakhi hai use pane ke liye

आप से मिलकर हम कुछ बदल से गये शेर पडने लगे गुनगुनाने लगे पहले मशूहर थी अपनी संजिदगी अब तो लोगो से मिलने मिलाने लगे

hum to aaj bhi apane hunar me dum rakhate hai chaa jate hai rang jb mahfile me kadam rakhate hai

क्यो ना गुरूर करू मै अपने आप पे….मुझे उसने चाहा जिसके चाहने वाले हजारो थे!

Whatsapp Attitude status in Hindi Language

If you are living in India then you are definitely searching for the Hindi stuff, Hindi great stories. these days finding Hindi stuff on the net that is hilarious and funny is very difficult in today's world so we have made this website to share all the awesome things like short status for WhatsApp in Hindi, romantic dialogues, best Hindi WhatsApp status, Instagram DPS, Hike messages, sad shayaris, cool status adult jokes for WhatsApp in Hindi exam status for WhatsApp.

Love Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

Girls usually likes the boy who said best WhatsApp status as short sad WhatsApp SMS, sad Hindi WhatsApp status, lovely status, beautiful DP even shayaris are a great way of sharing your love with someone someone close to your hearts and sharing your feelings give you the satisfaction of having in relationship or if you are not in relationships you might we have a crush to whom you want to impress so this Wassup lines will definitely gonna to help you.

Emotional and Sad Whatsapp status in Hindi

there are many sad people in this world so for them if they prefer Hindi language, then you will definitely find some great lines to boost up and taking out from The Sad moments and living of a happy life without any tension or Emotional Atyachar. you will definitely gonna live your life with fully enjoyable moments. Some people prefer to have quotes as their WhatsApp status so we have included some awesome quotes to share on your WhatsApp status, because WhatsApp status is the is the only thing a person can see first of all on your WhatsApp profile so you should always take care of your WhatsApp image after your WhatsApp DP., status is the second most important thing you should always take care of to manage your image online

We hope you are enjoying the stuff on our website

Latest Funny SMS Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi (pics)

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SMS and funny jokes are a great way to laughter whenever you are no matter in school college or at your friends home or in your office whenever you are. SMS jokes and WhatsApp Hindi jokes are a great way to entertain your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike and where ever you want. latest SMS jokes are of 2016 amazing experience with load of funny elements in them jokes and SMS on a great way and when we think in Hindi SMS funny SMS jokes are really play a great role when I will be think about like Santa Banta, SMS jokes. love jokes jokes sms in India and the world kind of stuff so if you are going to find some funny sms jokes in pictures form in for the comedy and for the funniest laughters and romantic love SMS.

Funny SMS Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi (Pictures)

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You know there were the times when we only have Sms to share jokes and funny shayaris but nowadays we have WhatsApp Snapchat Instagram Hike and many more to express the entertainment stuff so now if you are finding some great pictures about the funny people are sharing some jokes and for many kind of funny jokes in Hindi for your mobile no matter what smart phone you have Nokia, Samsung, Android, iPhone or whatever you have these pictures will make you laugh. feel free to share with your friends family members girlfriends boyfriends and as many people as you want so great stuff for you to share with your friends in Hindi.

Whatsapp Funny Hindi Images

I hope you like all the above mentioned jokes and free sms jokes in Hindi for WhatsApp. Sometimes I thought that laughter is a medicine and sometimes it feels like we have to share something good to our friends so that they can also enjoy Hindi Punjabi WhatsApp jokes to enjoy their life when they have using their phone and using the mobile application called WhatsApp.

Some people also like WhatsApp dirty jokes for maybe some non veg kind of stuff but the good thing is we have put all the good jokes in our above list because we want that people have a good mindset by using WhatsApp and the kick off the negative thoughts from their mind.

But overall its every person's likes or dislikes that they want from our images funny images, laughter images and HD wallpapers.  if you are get bored of the same Hindi jokes and images and you are finding some best WhatsApp DP and status then you are on the right place buddy just check out our blog for all the fun and crazy stuff.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beautiful Flower Images Cute Pics

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Prettiness is everywhere, you just have to look from your beautiful view and eyes.

Check out the Beautiful flowrs pictures, very awesome very cute, nowhere you will find these cutest flower piccs. Enjoy on SMS and

Beautiful Flower Images for Whatsapp

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