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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Latest Funny SMS Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi (pics)

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SMS and funny jokes are a great way to laughter whenever you are no matter in school college or at your friends home or in your office whenever you are. SMS jokes and WhatsApp Hindi jokes are a great way to entertain your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike and where ever you want. latest SMS jokes are of 2016 amazing experience with load of funny elements in them jokes and SMS on a great way and when we think in Hindi SMS funny SMS jokes are really play a great role when I will be think about like Santa Banta, SMS jokes. love jokes jokes sms in India and the world kind of stuff so if you are going to find some funny sms jokes in pictures form in for the comedy and for the funniest laughters and romantic love SMS.

Whatsapp is significantly used for communication and day-to-day baat-cheet and if you want to make your communication and talk more interesting and want to include the comic and funny element in it, then these Whatsapp jokes, SMS and funny images will surely going to help you.

Funny SMS Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi (Pictures)

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You know there were the times when we only have Sms to share jokes and funny shayaris but nowadays we have WhatsApp Snapchat Instagram Hike and many more to express the entertainment stuff so now if you are finding some great pictures about the funny people are sharing some jokes and for many kind of funny jokes in Hindi for your mobile no matter what smart phone you have Nokia, Samsung, Android, iPhone or whatever you have these pictures will make you laugh. feel free to share with your friends family members girlfriends boyfriends and as many people as you want so great stuff for you to share with your friends in Hindi.

About Whatsapp Status

App Status, the new feature which lets users upload photos and videos for their contacts to see, instead of a simple text-based status message, has now gone live. The feature is live on Android, iOS and Windows mobile phones across the world. You won't have to search for an update on App Store or Google Play Store, as the feature has gone live on the app itself. 

Status is no longer that dull text based thing, which no one bothered to read or care about, although individuals In India are known to upgrade Status regularly. Status works exactly like Stories on Snapchat or Instagram. Now on iOS, Status has its own tab on the extreme left at the bottom, followed by Calls, then Camera in the middle, followed by Chats and then Settings. 

On Android, the tabs are ordered like this: Camera, Chats, Status and then Calls. Watch our video of WhatsApp Status feature explained. So what does Status do and what's the point? Think of it as a way of broadcasting something fun to your contacts in one go, except it won't show up in their individual chats, but rather in their Status tab. Remember these WhatsApp 'Status' stories last only for 24 hours. Here's how the new WhatsApp status tab looks, and how it works on iOS. 

First just go to the Status tab. Then just tap on that broken circle with the plus symbol on top, the one that's similar to how you post Stories on Instagram. The camera will open, and you can just long press to shoot a video. You can send as video or edit it as a GIF. Or just take a photo like you normally do, and then just send on Status. WhatsApp lets you control who can see your Status update as well. In What's - The Status tab of the application on iOS, there is a privacy option right on top. On Android, the Status Privacy option is in the settings.

Whatsapp Funny Hindi Images

I hope you like all the above mentioned jokes and free sms jokes in Hindi for WhatsApp. Sometimes I thought that laughter is a medicine and sometimes it feels like we have to share something good to our friends so that they can also enjoy Hindi Punjabi WhatsApp jokes to enjoy their life when they have using their phone and using the mobile application called WhatsApp.

Some people also like WhatsApp dirty jokes for maybe some non veg kind of stuff but the good thing is we have put all the good jokes in our above list because we want that people have a good mindset by using WhatsApp and the kick off the negative thoughts from their mind.

But overall its every person's likes or dislikes that they want from our images funny images, laughter images and HD wallpapers.  if you are get bored of the same Hindi jokes and images and you are finding some best WhatsApp DP and status then you are on the right place buddy just check out our blog for all the fun and crazy stuff.

These days whatsapp non veg jokes are also very much in use and people don't scare to share non veg jokes for whatsapp in whatsapp groups made by school college friends. some whatsapp group member also shares funny jokes in hindi, english, marathi or tamil on whatsapp group admins, No matter what year it is 2017 or 2018, but whatsapp friends never forget to share boyfriend, girlfriend jokes, father son jokes and hindi shayari on whatsapp.

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