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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update 1st March 2018, Pinku Parents Entry

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On 1st March 2018 episode of taarak mehta ka oolta chashma a.k.a TMKOC, pinku's parents entered in the show, yes you heard right, Mr. and Mrs. sahay finally came to the Gokuldham society.

In the most recent episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, everybody reached Mehta's home to think a means out and convince Bapu Ji to not adopt Pinku. Jethalal subsequently calls Pinku to understand his view. Pinku is observed with Tapu and he's pleased about Bapu Ji's choice.
Following the telephone, Jethalal is observed worried and gets into a tiff with Popatlal. Mehta intervenes in their own fight. Jetha and Taarak attempt to think of an idea that will prevent Bapu Ji from doing exactly what he needs. All kinds of ideas are made but none are conclusive. Mehta then indicates they get a attorney, who they could control based on their will. The former seeks his aid and informs him Pinku's narrative.

Pankaj Diwan sahay

Bapu Ji subsequently makes the attorney meet Gokuldham society associates. The attorney asks him if there's sufficient proof to encourage Bapuji. He appears in the Gokuldham culture members, who concur with him. When Babita asks Bapuji to reevaluate his decision, the attorney instead tells them to encourage Bapu Ji within his courageous endeavor.

Following the attorney leaves, Bapuji asks all to build in the society chemical at 11. He speaks to Mehta concerning the doubts and confusion in his thoughts.

Mehta attempts to calm down Jethalal but informs him they can not do anything because it's Bapu Ji's decision. Babita Ji rather tells Jethalal they'll try and find a means to overcome the circumstance. He does not desire Bapu Ji to embrace Pinku.

Anjali Bhabhi gets soup to get Jethalal so he can feel better however he does not like it. He thinks of an excuse to prevent her from serving him. When he's going to depart, Bapu Ji moves and informs he has completed all of the formalities and demands just a duplicate of his Aadhar card.

Jethalal informs him he can't embrace Pinku tom since there's a 'yamkaal' tomorrow which is inauspicious.

Bapu ji informs Jetha he'd fulfilled Daya a couple of minutes ago. She was rather supporting him and didn't mention anything of the kind. Mehta tells him to take the situation and confront it.
Jetha, nevertheless, remains adamant. Following a great deal of insistence, Mehta includes an idea. He indicates they ought to request Tapu to persuade Bapu Ji out of not embracing Pinku. Jethalal believes Tapu may not concur, but Mehta says it is dependent upon him. Jetha is not able to communicate what he wishes to over the telephone and so he belongs to Tapu. Jetha provides money to Goli to purchase samosas. After he leaves, Jetha speaks to Tapu and tells him to prevent Bapu Ji from embracing Pinku.

Tapu rather asks him to proceed with his favorite ice-cream and state whatever is in his own heart to Bapu Ji. Jetha does this. They have to look at matters from Pinku's view.

Sonu calls Pinku and informs him that she will not have the ability to come another day but her very best wishes are with him. Pinku thanks.

Finally, Pinku's parents entered to the gokuldham society in their car and together.

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